市场营销管理和传播硕士-MSc Marketing Management & Communication (M2C)










市场营销管理和传播硕士 -MSc Marketing Management & Communication (M2C)
授课1年 + 实习半年

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图卢兹商学院的 《营销管理和传播》项目是一个历史悠久的专业,已经有了20余年的历史。这个项目分为英语授课MSc和法语授课MS,学生可以在图卢兹,巴黎,或者卡萨布 兰卡学习。项目由公共课程和选修模块组成,包括了450-500课时的学习时间。课程由核心模块Core Modules和选修模块Elective Modules组成,核心模块的课程分为4个部分:Marketing & Communication Management, Fundamentals of Marketing & Communication, Marketing & Communication Tools以及Job Marketing。选修模块包括了很多专业的细分领域的营销课程,使学生可以更好的融入商业实践。学生可以在三个校区中选择:图卢兹(法语或英语);巴 黎(法语);卡洛斯布兰卡(法语)。

Program Presentation

In a permanently changing environment recently affected by the financial crisis and the consequent global economic downturn, companies need managers and executives ready to lead and implement changes to cope with their current and future challenges.
Toulouse Business School objective is to develop such profiles, such change leaders.

Our Mission
Develop individuals with high-level executive skills for management and leadership, who will become strategy accelerators and change agents in a customer-driven global network, all the while being responsible for transmitting high standards and values to their teams.
The MSc. Marketing Management & Communication is designed to train executives with a high level of specialization in marketing, in marketing communication and business communication.This initially implies having a global vision of marketing and communication strategy, and then identifying the specific techniques to be used.

Learn, Live, Lead
The program covers the different means and possible strategies which improve the performance and efficiency of:

  • Corporate actions in the company’s target market
  • Research / knowledge of target market
  • Corporate relationships with distributors
  • Management of corporate environment (State, banks…)
  • Human resources…

Communication relates to companies, the media, consultancy agencies and any other external body which plays a role in the definition or implementation of corporate communication strategy.
Over and above the curriculum, participants develop their soft skills, management skills and leadership skills through an appropriate individual coaching to ensure personal development as well as employability after graduation.

Throughout three semesters of training

  • Received an individual support to clarify its plans to employability,
  • Received the basic education needed to participate actively in the implementation of the strategy of a marketing and communication plan.
  • Identified, mastered and understood the concepts, tools and techniques to actively participate in marketing and communication activities.

This set of achievements will be consolidated by academic and practical work that will make future graduates capable of participating, defining, driving and evaluating a strategy within the scope of logistics or purchases. The development of professional contacts will be promoted throughout the curriculum, with business partners, institutions related to the field, graduates of the Group ESCT, or intermediate structures in recruitment.

Total duration of the program
3 semesters (starting in September/October every year)

Total number of teaching hours
500 hours (entirely taught in English); 40% taught by resident faculty; 20% taught by visiting faculty; 40% by professional.


  • 产品经理
  • 市场调查
  • 市场营销经理
  • 对内对外沟通主管
  • 媒体计划和调查
  • 广告谈判
  • 广告资讯公司
  • 市场营销采购
  • 连锁超市产品线主管
  • 资讯顾问…

课程详细 – 核心课程

Fundamentals of Marketing (105hrs) 市场营销基础
Segmenting, targeting, positioning & marketing plan 市场细分,目标市场,定位和营销计划
Panels & case studies 广告和案例分析
Market reseach: quantitative surveys 市场调查:数量调查
Customer behavior, B2C, B2B 消费者行为,B2C,B2B
Branding strategies, B2C, B2B 品牌战略,B2C,B2B
Marketing information system, CRM 营销信息系统,客户关系管理
Communication – Fundamentals: semiology 传播 – 基础:符号学
Marketing & Communication Management (60hrs) 市场营销和传播管理
Accounting, finance & cost controlling 财务,金融和成本控制
Marketing & strategy 市场营销和战略
Marketing & communication legal aspects 市场营销和传播的法律方面
Production management & project management 生产管理和项目管理
Marketing & Communication Tools & Techniques (120hrs) 市场营销和传播工具和技巧
E-marketing & e-business 电子营销和电子商务
International marketing 国际营销
Sales force management 销售团队管理
Mass distribution & retail system 大型分销和零售系统
Marketing for specific sector 特殊行业的市场营销
Implementing marketing: serious game 市场营销战略的实行
Communication – tools 传播 – 工具
Fundamentals of communication 传播基础
From plan to communication policy 从计划到传播政策
Strategy & audit 战略和审计
Communication – job 传播 – 职业
Agencies 广告公司
Mediaplanning 媒体计划
Creation, purchase of media space 创造和购买媒体空间
Working with an agency 和广告公司一起工作
Public relations 公共关系
Communication – Medias 传播 – 媒体
Communicating through medias 经过媒体进行传播
Writing for various supports 为不同的媒体进行写作
Press relations 媒体关系
Sponsorship 赞助
Patronage 赞助
Marketing job & individual project & development (45hrs) 市场营销职业和个人项目及发展
Marketing job: professional project 市场营销职业:职业计划
Individual development: research & methodology 个人发展:研究和方法论
M2C activities: team building 市场营销和传播活动:团队合作

课程详细 – 选修课(选择4到5门课程)

E-marketing & e-commerce 电子营销和电子商务
Advertising agencies 广告公司
B2B marketing B2B营销
B2C marketing B2C营销
International marketing 国际营销
Services marketing 服务营销
Aerospace marketing 航空营销
Luxury marketing 奢侈品营销
Leisure & culture marketing 休闲和文化营销
Territorial tourism marketing 地域旅游营销
Sport marketing 体育营销
Trade marketing 通路营销
Cross-cultural marketing 跨文化营销
Direct marketing 直销
Innovation marketing 创新营销
Mass distribution & franchising 大型分销和授权经销
Consultancy & market research 咨询和市场调查
Communication & marketing in times of crisis 危机时刻的传播和营销
New trends in marketing 市场营销的新潮流
Internal communication 国际营销
Etc 等等